Cecchin Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is committed to safety for each of our employee’s to the safety of the environment in which they work in. Our Company “safety culture” has been rewarding and speaks for itself. Unsafe practices are not tolerated. We work hard to continue our safety culture.

Our safety program is a direct reflection of our commitment. Cecchin Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is committed to:

  • Safety at all levels of our company. Employees and management.
  • Ongoing safety education and training.
  • Mandatory OSHA 30 hr. certification every 5 yrs.
  • Mandatory CPR/First Aid training every 2 yrs.
  • Driver Safety training annually.
  • Confined Space certification every 2 yrs.
  • Fall Protection certification every 2 yrs.
  • Trenching and Excavation certification every 2 yrs.

Cecchin Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is an approved “PICS” contractor compliance member.